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Which Bra Should I Wear After Surgery?

It is important to take care of your breasts after the fat grafting to the breast procedure. An important element of recovery is using a proper bra that will support the breast. The main properties to look for in a bra for post-op recovery are: Loose – will not squeeze the breast. Supportive – is rigid at the bottom and has support for the lower pole that holds the breast like a hammock. Thick Shoulder Straps – to hold and support the breast, not the thin sexy lace straps that tend to compress the upper part of the breast. No compression – sports bras tend to compress the breast, the bra should hold the breast up without compression. When worn, the bra should make transverse/horizontal wrinkles in the upper breast skin. (As demonstrated by the thin adhesive plastic strip in the photos below.) Side view of breast relaxed and held up with a thin adhesive strip showing horizontal folds of the skin Frontal view of breast relaxed and held up with a thin adhesive strip showing horizontal folds of the skin Bra relaxed and held up with a thin adhesive strip showing horizontal folds of the skin If you use a bra with these properties your post-op recovery will be greatly increased and therefore the overall result of the fat grafting to breast surgery will be better as well.

What breast size can be achieved?

We have reconstructed many D Cup breasts after complete mastectomies. You can see in our photo gallery some D Cup results. With our procedure, you get a stepwise increase in breast size after each grafting session. Typically, if you had no radiation, after 3 successive grafting sessions 3 months apart you can get a breast that is in harmony with your body size. If you are satisfied with smaller, we can stop after the second session, if you want larger we graft more. We stop when you are happy with the size.

What happens to the skin after liposuction?

With our technique of liposuction, the liposuctioned donor sites often end up giving the patient additional cosmetic improvements such as narrower waistline and larger buttock cheeks. We sometimes can tighten the skin, but we rarely end up with loose skin at the liposuctioned sites. If you ever end up with loose skin, more than exercise, a therapeutic massage program might help.

Can I still achieve the desired cup size?

Yes, you choose the desired size best for you. This might take additional grafting sessions but we can get you there if you wish.

Is breast reconstruction with fat an alternative to implants?

Yes, we can help you restore your breasts without any implants and without any major surgery. Our procedure is much more patient-friendly than any of the other procedures. The results are a better reconstruction and a breast that feels like your own. Patients also keep most of the normal sensation in their breasts. This is truly breakthrough. Will be glad to see you in consultation at the Miami Breast Center to evaluate your situation and answer all your questions.

Does insurance cover reconstruction for a lumpectomy or mastectomy?

Yes, most insurance companies cover for both procedures. Verify your reconstruction insurance benefits.

Do you also perform prophylactic mastectomy?

Breast reconstruction with fat grafting and EVE is ideal for women who wish to have a prophylactic mastectomy. At the Miami Breast Center we have performed over 100 prophylactic mastectomies with immediate fat graft reconstruction. At the time of the mastectomy we are able to place enough graft to give the patient a small “social breast”, or cleavage in the upper pole. Then 2-3 months later, once the mastectomy has healed, we apply the EVE for a couple of weeks to enlarge the recipient and stretch the skin. This creates a scaffold and the envelope for the first grafting session. Then, if the patient wants a larger breast, three months later we expand and graft again. After this second grafting session most women end up with a breast just like the original one. A breast made out of transferred fat only and devoid of the breast tissue that might become cancerous. Most impressively, the spared nipple regains near normal sensation.

On a Unilateral Mastectomy, will you try to match my normal breast?

Yes. This is our goal. With fat grafting, we are uniquely poised to sculpt the reconstructed breast and match it with your normal breast. Unless you specifically ask us to modify the normal breast (breast matching procedures are covered by insurance), we prefer to leave the normal breast alone and strive to regenerate a new breast that best matches it

Do you accept Medicaid?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to do that.

I had both breasts removed, am I a candidate?

Yes, patients who have a prophylactic mastectomy will have their best breast reconstruction done with fat grafting and external vacuum expansion.

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