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Day of Caring

Dr. Roger Khouri explains his breakthrough breast reconstruction procedure for breast cancer patients at A Day of Caring: an educational and informative day for breast cancer patients and survivors. His revolutionary technique stunned the women in attendance: No incisions. No scars. No implant. And women keep near normal sensation. It is truly amazing.

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With a large smile from cheek to cheek we first want to say “Welcome to our blog”! We are truly happy with the loyal patients and followers Dr. Khouri has received over the past few years. Our web site has introduced Dr. Khouri’s natural breast reconstruction and augmentation procedure to almost 60,000 visitors in nearly 2 years! We also have received thousands of emails with questions regarding our procedure. This blog will allow our vistors to further stay informed with the latest Miami Breast Center news, events, industry related discussions, and much more. This blog will also be openend to guest bloggers. They will be current or past patients of Dr. Khouri. Current patients will be able to blog about their journey before and after the procedure. Others may blog about industry related topics, give tips and advice for future patients and much more. We welcome your comments on our blog posts. They will help us learn what we are doing right and what can be improved.

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