Natural Breast Lift Without Incisions or Implants

There are many reasons why breasts might sag or droop. Some of those include gravity acting on large breasts, breast feeding, normal aging, weight loss, or simply familial disposition. Ptosis is the medical term describing droopy breasts. And a breast that has the nipple hanging lower than the level of the breast fold is called ptotic.

Dr. Roger Khouri has perfected a method of natural breast lift (mastopexy) that lifts and creates natural, perky youthful breasts using the patient’s own fat and tissues without any incision on the breast.

This is breakthrough is a completely natural breast lift. It is minimally invasive and involves no incision, no implants, no foreign material and no sutures. Patients enjoy a beautiful natural correction with this simple outpatient procedure.

Natural Breast Lift Process

Dr. Khouri can lift your breast without the telltale incisions and scars of the standard operation. During this relatively simple outpatient procedure, we tighten the breast by inducing the body to form a natural internal bra. We often add some fat grafting for added fullness and to further improve the contour. Most importantly, we do not insert any surgical suture material.

During his long career as a reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Khouri had a lot of experience treating scars and fighting tissue contractures. He has now turned this foe into a friend that induces a controlled contracture of the loose breast envelope. This becomes an internal bra that provides the support necessary to lift the breast as if you’re wearing a bra. Except the bra is your normal tissues under the skin that have been tightened, same as you would have if you had no ptosis and your breasts were naturally perky.


Ptotic (Droopy) Breast.


Skin envelope is seperated from the Parenchyma using a windsheild wiper technique.


Skin envelope is re-draped over the breast to create an ideal shape.


The PexyBra™ is applied to maintain the lift.


When the re-draped skin heals in its new position it is held in place by the natural tissue glue that the body deposited to heal the layer between the skin and the deeper breast tissue.


The PexyBra™ is removed revealing the new breast shape.That layer of healing that now holds the redraped skin in position becomes the natural internal bra.

This is a breakthrough procedure! The excess skin is not cut out, but is tightened naturally… therefore there are no visible scars, only nearly imperceptible needle sticks. The result is a breast that look perky and fully rejuvenated. In patients with severe drooping or very large breasts, the procedure is sometimes repeated in order to get the most perfect result.

“Actual patient wearing the Pexybra™”

Benefits of Procedure

  • All natural breast lift
  • Breast lift without implants
  • Quick recovery
  • No cuts, no incisions. No scars
  • Liposuction
  • Minimally invasive

Typical Breast Lift Incisions

The bottom graph shows the typical breast lift incisions offered generally by other surgeons today. Our procedure does not produce any of these scars. Our procedure is incisionless, as we only need to puncture small holes in order to create the lift.









Breast Lift Without Incisions or Implants Case Example

Left: Before, Right: After.
Left: Before, Right: After.
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The procedure is done as outpatient, under local anesthesia with mild sedation.


Average full recoverytime is 3 months, while most patients return to desk work in just 1 to 2 weeks. Patient needs to wear a Pexybra™ for 6 weeks. Most of the morbidity is the discomfort from the liposuction.

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