EVEBRA, Non-Surgical Natural Breast Augmentation

Dr. Roger Khouri, the inventor of BRAVA®, introduces the new and improved EVEBRA® – External Vacuum Expander (EVE) BRA. EVEBRA revolutionizes natural breast augmentation, providing a scientifically proven method of non-surgical breast enlargement.
EVEBRA Device on Model

EVEBRA Device on model holding the EVEBRA Pump in hands.

  Ground-breaking bioengineering led to the development of the EVEBRA. EVEBRA employs a gentle and sustained mechanical tension mechanism to lift and gradually enhance your breasts. This painless and natural approach harnesses the time-tested principle of tension-induced tissue growth. Similar to the way tension prompts bone lengthening during childhood, EVEBRA utilizes this principle to stimulate breast enlargement. This technique, rooted in medical practices like tissue expanders and the Ilizarov apparatus, ensures a safe and effective journey to a fuller bust line.

How Does EVEBRA Work?

EVEBRA applies a multidimensional pull that grows and fills the breast with new tissue and offers increased tissue growth to the upper pole of the breast.  
EVEBRA Breast Enlargement Graph vs duration of use.

EVEBRA Breast Enlargement Graph vs duration of use.

While results may vary from patient to patient, this graph represents the average breast enlargement as a percentage of the original size if EVEBRA is continuously worn every day for at least 50% of the time. (12 or more hours per day every day). Over time, your breasts will gradually continue to grow; that is the visible breast growth. (Red line). Whenever you decide to stop using EVEBRA, the temporary, mostly swelling component of the visible breast growth, will slowly fade away (blue line) to leave you with the true tissue growth that you have slowly accumulated over time. The longer you wear EVEBRA, the more you will accumulate true breast enlargement. Based on scientific studies, if you fully comply with the recommended protocol of continuous uninterrupted daily wear for at least 50% of the time, your breasts might potentially double in size after about 6 months of EVEBRA use.
Now available for sale in the U.S. at evebra.com.

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EVEBRA: Non-Surgical Natural Breast Enlargement

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