My Brava Breast Augmentation Progress

Wearing the Brava in preparation for my natural breast augmentation is an experience worth documenting. My hope is that as this procedure becomes more and more popular others can refer to this blog  [...]

Using The Brava – The Key to Fat Transfer Survival

When I called Brava to place my order it took 5 minutes or less. They personally know Dr. Khouri so it was a smooth transaction. The Brava coach e-mailed me instructions on how to use the Brava and as [...]

My First Visit With Dr. Roger Khouri

The drive to Dr. Khouri’s office is gorgeous. The island of Key Biscayne is so clean and his office building is very modern. It really stands out from the other buildings. It gives a state-o [...]

My Natural Breast Augmentation Journey

Ever since I was a teen I wanted bigger breasts but I never developed past an A cup. Being tall and very slender I always felt un-proportioned. At times I was jealous of the girls who looked sexier bu [...]

On The Radio

Dr. Roger Khouri will be a guest on Finding Hope for Your Journey Through Breast Cancer on Blog Talk Radio with Yvonne Ortega. Please listen in on Tuesday, July 26 at 10am.  LIVE. http://www.blogtalk [...]

Stem Cells Marketing Claim Triggers Joint Statement

The phrase “stem cells”  reminds me of a mortgage security during the real estate bubble, no one understood it but everyone wanted one. Surgeons around the world are marketing and offerin [...]

Day of Caring

Dr. Roger Khouri explains his breakthrough breast reconstruction procedure for breast cancer patients at A Day of Caring: an educational and informative day for breast cancer patients and survivors. H [...]

Welcome to Our Blog

With a large smile from cheek to cheek we first want to say “Welcome to our blog”! We are truly happy with the loyal patients and followers Dr. Khouri has received over the past few years [...]

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