How big Can My Breasts Get With BRAVA + Fat Grafting?


To determine how big your breast augmentation with BRAVA + fat grafting could be, we use the 2/3 rule. The 2/3 rule states, your final augmentation result will be about 2/3 of your maximal BRAVA expansion. In other words, to double your current breast volume you need to first expand it with BRAVA to 3 times its original size.


Measure Yourself

Step 1

Measure your chest circumference under the arms. This will determine the band size.

Step 2

Measure your chest circumference again at the level of the nipples.


Determine Your Current Bra Size

Get results from step 1 32”
Get results from step 2 33”
Subtract the difference 33” – 32” = 1”

Each 1 inch difference is a cup size: 33-32 = 1 inches or A cup.
Your standard bra size should be a 32A.

1 inch = how-big-bra-cups-a
2 inch = how-big-bra-cups-a
3 inch = how-big-bra-cups-a
4 inch = how-big-bra-cups-a

Estimate Your Current Breast Volume

Based upon the bra cup measured above, determine your current breast volume from the provided chart.

Cup Size Average Volume
32A 240 cc
32B, 34A 310 cc
32C, 34B, 36A 390 cc
32D, 34C, 36B 480 cc
34D, 36C, 38B 590 cc
36D, 38C, 40B 710 cc
38D, 40C, 42B 850 cc

Using the results of the example above, a bra size of 32A would have the average volume of 240 cc


Estimate Your Augmentation Result

After using BRAVA you will reach your maximal expansion volume. Your final augmentation is expected to be 2/3 of that volume.

Using BRAVA with hand pump

Current breast size 32A, 240 cc
Average maximum breast expansion 240 x 2 = 480 cc, 32D
final result is 2/3 of the maximal expansion volume 480 cc x 2/3 = 320 cc, 32B

Using BRAVA with turbo

Current breast size 32A, 240 cc
Average maximum breast expansion 240 x 2.4 = 590 cc, 34D
final result is 2/3 of the maximal expansion volume 590 cc x 2/3 = 395 cc, 32C

Your Success With BRAVA + Fat Graft is in Your Hands

Your success is directly tied to your commitment in wearing the BRAVA consistently every day. The more you expand your breast prior to grafting, the larger your final augmentation result.

While results vary to some extent from patient to patient, this is assuming we are able to harvest the required amount of fat and everything heals uneventfully.

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