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Is breast reconstruction with fat an alternative to implants?

I'm a 63-year-old with bilateral breast cancer. I am scheduled for bilateral, hopefully 'simple', mastectomy in two weeks. My team has proposed putting in expanders, with implants to follow in the future. I am not thrilled with the prospect of having even further damage done to my body, just to pretend that I have breasts again. I'm also concerned about having implants that might rupture while I scuba dive or "just because". The alternative presented on your site is very appealing. Please give me some realistic hope that I have an alternative.


Yes, we can help you restore your breasts without any implants and without any major surgery. Our procedure is much more patient-friendly than any of the other procedures. The results are a better reconstruction and a breast that feels like your own. Patients also keep most of the normal sensation in their breasts. This is truly breakthrough. Will be glad to see you in consultation at the Miami Breast Center to evaluate your situation and answer all your questions.

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