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Breast Deformity Correction

We are able to correct and perfect your breasts using the BRAVA expander followed by our minimally invasive fat grafting procedure.

There are a variety of congenital breast deformities including tuberous / tubular breasts, Poland syndrome and asymmetry.

Tubular Breast Deformity

Before & After: Improved shape & augmented with BRAVA + Fat grafts. No Incision!

These breast conditions result from a developmental deformity of the breast. During the puberty stage, internal constriction bands prevent the breast from growing fully over the entire surface of the chest. Instead, the growth is stunned and remains limited to the area around the nipple.

Tuberous breasts are not simply small or underdeveloped breasts. The look of the deformity of the breast can range from mild (constricted breasts with a tight base or high fold) to severe (tubular breasts that look like a tube).

breast deformity

BRAVA system is placed over the breast area when you sleep. Patients with tubular or asymmetry breast deformity wear the BRAVA for 30 days before surgery.

breast deformity

Creating the Vascularized Scaffold
External expansion of the breast occurs via slight but consistent vacuum pressure created by BRAVA. The Brava expands and generates growth of new tissue, and blood vessels. This expansion now allows room for Mega Volume of Micro Fat Grafts.

breast deformity

Fat Grafting
Your fat is harvested from several areas of your body through liposuction and is strategically injected into your breasts. No cuts or Incisions are made. New blood vessels form around the new fat deposits allow for fat integration and high % of fat survival.

Video Animation
Animation of the illustrated steps above.

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Typical characteristics include:

  1. Enlarged, puffy areola
  2. unusually wide spacing between breasts
  3. sagging
  1. higher than normal breast fold
  2. minimal breast tissue
  3. narrow base at the chest wall

Certain conditions have been known to affect the ability of women to breastfeed at times. However other physical aspects of fertility and pregnancy are not affected by the condition.

Our method of fat grafting, together with the use of our external expander, BRAVA, has proven to be uniquely successful. We have the unique ability to restore normal looking beautifully shaped full breasts without any incision, without scars, and without cutting into the gland. Best of all, we do not have to insert any implant to give you fully developed breasts. Sensation to the nipple is preserved and all of our patients who subsequently became pregnant were able to breast feed.

We will improve the look
of your breasts in a minimally invasive way.
The results are as close to perfect as possible.

Asymmetry Breast Deformity

Before and After

Asymmetry of the breasts happen when the breasts are two different sizes. Asymmetry issues also have to do with sagging or drooping of the breasts. Traditional techniques involve the insertion of an implant in the smaller side, a solution that is complication-prone and rarely gets the implant augmented breast to match the other natural side. Most women then end up spending the rest of their lives replacing implants, lifting the droopy normal side to match the implant side and subjecting themselves to multiple scar inducing operations.

Sagging, or drooping, happens naturally after menopause, although some patients have this condition due to a congenital deformity. Sagging happens when the suspensory ligaments of the breast (Cooper's ligament) loosens up and their ability to support the breast weakens.

Our breakthrough out-patient procedure allows us to correct the difference in size or asymmetry with the use of our external expander, BRAVA, followed by fat transfer to the appropriate breast.