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If you are looking for a natural breast augmentation we can help you at the Miami Breast Center. Micro-fat grafting is an implant-free fat transfer breast augmentation technique developed by Dr. Roger Khouri. It is simple, less stressful on your body than traditional methods and recovery time is quick.


Our outpatient technique is minimally invasive and has the wonderful side benefit of liposuction. With Dr. Khouri’s micro-fat transfer procedure, the patient prepares for the procedure by wearing an external expander called EVE, while she sleeps for a few weeks. This soft gel-like brassiere gently suctions the breast area in order to create an adequate matrix for the fat injections.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Patient Case



Left: Thirty-year-old woman who wanted a natural breast augmentation with her own fat.


Center (Bottom): To ensure survival of the large volume of fat needed for the augmentation, she wore EVE for 4 weeks and had an excellent EVE effect prior to grafting.


Center (Top): The lines drawn on her breasts indicate the needle stick injection sites and the direction of the multiple cannula passes required to diffusely and evenly fill up the expanded breast tissue.


Right: Essentially all of the transplanted fat survived. After this procedure, we measured by MRI a 280 mL augmentation per breast with no evidence of fat necrosis.

The Benefits Of Our Procedure


  • No foreign object in body
  • Quick recovery
  • No cuts, no incisions
  • Liposuction
  • No implant problems
  • Minimally invasive