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Do I still need BRAVA if I have implants?

I've had implants for about 10 years. I would like to have them taken out and possibly have fat transferred in. Would I still need to use the BRAVA system? I've read that fat is transferred a little at a time. Can that be done in one operation, or does it require several operations a little at a time?


Yes, we can help you replace your old implants with your own fat tissue. At the time of implant removal we can graft some liposuctioned fat in the stretched out breast tissue. This will give you some augmentation, but not quite as large as what you had with the implant (about 50%). That is, assuming we remove 400 ml implants, we can give you back about 200 ml of natural augmentation in one small out patient procedure. This step will not require BRAVA. Should you still want to be larger, you will need to wear BRAVA 3-4 weeks post-op and then get a second fat grafting procedure that could, if you desire, make you even larger than your implanted size.

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