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What is the BRAVA device and how does it work?


BRAVA is a soft, gel-like external breast tissue expander. You wear it like a bra, at night when you sleep, to gently expand the breast area. You can find out more on the BRAVA page of our site. BRAVA applies gentle, sustained tension on your breasts, which causes cells to replicate and produce new breast tissue. Not only does it expand the skin from the inside, it also has the effect of regenerating a breast through the expansion of tissues and nerves while keeping blood flow. This does two important things:

  1. It creates an adequate matrix into which fat is later injected through liposuction.
  2. It allows the patient to keep sensation in her breasts and nipples.

Fat is then removed from one area of the patient’s body and meticulously injected back as hundreds of tiny individual droplets at the breast site that has been enlarged by the BRAVA expansion.

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