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Can I wear BRAVA and schedule my surgery later?

Dr. Khouri expressed a number of times that the ultimate outcome of the fat transfer process lies in the hands of the patient; those willing (and able) to put in as many hours as possible, for as long a period as possible, would reap a far better return on their investment. That being the case, can I leave the timing of surgery 'open ended' until I have given the BRAVA system sufficient time to maximize expansion and growth.


If you have started using the hand pump more than a couple squeezes when the pump vibrates you should stop that until you decide when you will go in for the surgery. Using BRAVA to obtain some permanent growth requires a different wear protocol than using BRAVA as a precursor for surgery We had guided you to start BRAVA in the non-surgical traditional manner, sport box only and you could use the hand pump just to get a quicker seal. However, you need to know that if you have been doing any cycling repetitions or pumping up with the hand pump to extreme levels, yes, you will see greater swelling but you may also see greater levels of sagging in the end if you don’t do the lipo filling surgery. Dr Khouri always says that the ultimate outcome of the fat transfer process lies in the hands of the patient; what he is referring to is using BRAVA’s correct protocol for the correct procedure and the intense wear and pressure is only for the Surgical route: the fat transfer. Certainly even for the Non-Surgical routine, the more you wear BRAVA, the better result you may achieve but that does NOT include increased pressure. Non Surgical protocol is low pressure over extended periods of time and it all depends on their circumstances as to how much permanent “gain” they may achieve.

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