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Growing up, I kind of had a little bit of asymmetry in my breasts that I was self-conscious about and not happy with, and I kind of just figured that I'd just have to deal with it, because I never wanted to get implants, ever, just because of the unnatural look. So, but when I found out about Dr. Khouri and that he might be able to help me, I was really excited, and then when I went to see him, and since I am thinner, he was kind of worried that it might not make too much of a difference, so I was kind of bummed out about that. But I mentioned that I have two sisters and we're identical triplets, so he got really excited, and was, like, "Oh my gosh. Well, if they're willing to do it, they can donate fat to you, because you're identical and it would completely work.

And I thought about it, and my sisters were happy to do it, because, you know, they get to lose a little, too. So, all three of us are now inside, I guess. But, so, I took fat from both of them and from me and my asymmetry is fixed and I'm really happy about it. And I'm definitely more confident. So, it's really great. You can still get fat from thinner people. I mean, I still have areas where I have, like my thighs and my back, he took from my back and, yeah, it's still possible. It still works. And even though, I mean, I needed a little bit more from my sisters, but, yeah, it's still totally possible even if you're thin.

So, the process all together is about, for me, it took about a month. I wore the BRAVA system for about three and a half weeks. I kind of had a short amount of time that I was dealing with, because I was about to start school again so I just had my summer break to get this all done and be recovered from the surgery and everything. So, I wore the BRAVA for three and a half weeks, which was shorter than he normally does, but I kind of had a more intense program where I wore it pretty much for 24 hours a day, but it really wasn't bad. I mean, I wasn't working, so it was fine. I was just at home, wearing the BRAVA for three and a half weeks.

And then had the surgery and I had to wear the BRAVA a week after and I thought it was going to be really uncomfortable, because, you know, you have breast surgery and then you have to put these things back on and I was really afraid that it was going to be painful, but it wasn't painful at all. I was really surprised. So, it really wasn't bad, and then the whole thing took about a month and I was still a little bit bruised, but started school and nobody noticed, so, but it was really great, and it was perfect timing, so I just had that one month to kind of have the surgery, get it done, and be relatively healed. I mean, there were no scars. It was really just a little bit of bruising, but nobody noticed. So, it was good.

So, the day of the procedure I came in with my sisters and they got the surgery done first, and I was kind of waiting, so I came in and I saw them right after they came out. They were totally fine and said it wasn't bad and everything.I was a little nervous, so I waited until they were done so he could have the fat from them and then immediately do the surgery on me.He took the fat out first and then did the whole breast procedure after that.The next day was the worst, just in terms of just a lot of bruising and everything, but what hurt; my breasts actually hurt the least. What hurt the most was, I guess, where the fat was taken out.

But I really didn't have any breast pain. So, yeah, that was just the worst part, I guess, was the liposuction. But it really wasn't bad. I had bandages that I wore and they went right under my clothes, so it really wasn't noticeable at all.And I had to wear them for about a week, but relatively not that bad. The next day, I guess, was the worst part, but bearable. I had my surgery two years ago in June, so almost two years. So, the result, I guess, well, my breasts are now even, which, I guess there was about a half-size, maybe almost a full size difference. So, I was a B and now I'm a C, which I'm really happy about.

And I've maintained that and that's pretty much how it's always been. So, I'm really happy, and definitely more confident.I think that this procedure is an absolutely wonderful alternative to breast implants. It's just flat-out a better alternative just because you can't tell; no one has ever noticed that I've had the procedure done. So, it's completely natural, which is nice also. And there's nothing foreign in your body and, yeah, so it's just all from you and it's really; it's a natural look. It's not like a fake, out there kind of look. Dr. Khouri is wonderful; absolutely wonderful. And, I mean, he's incredible what he's doing.

It's really great for women, and, I mean, he helped me with my confidence and I've heard just stories from other women that I've met who have had the procedure done, who've had it for breast cancer and all that kind of awful thing that's really turned into something really wonderful, which is great, and they get to have completely natural-looking breasts, which I think is something that all of these women want and need and should have to feel better about themselves. So it's really great that he's able to give them that.

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