Breast Deformity Testimonial

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Patient Type: Breast Deformity caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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Video Transcription

Laura: I'm 18, and I never really developed anything. The thing is, like, I have PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's where you have cysts on your ovaries and then, like, for example, I would get my period, like, twice or three times a year. And then it; you have irregular hormone balances so nothing develops properly. And then you tend to gain weight quickly and not lose it. And I never really developed that well, so we were kind of looking for a procedure that wasn't so aggressive, like implants or something, and we ended up coming across this.

Oh, they marked me up and then, like, for example, they had to fix my nipples that hadn't developed and I went under, and afterward, I mean, it was; the beginning was; the first week or so was a little difficult, but I thought it was worth it in the end. Everything feels like the way it's supposed to. I did it more health-wise than cosmetic-wise. I mean, the cosmetic thing was like a huge plus, but, like, I had the pre-diabetes. I had the PCOS. And that all; the more fat you gain in your body, which, it's kind of like a horrible cycle, because the PCOS won't let you lose fat, and it makes you gain it very easily.

And the more fat you have, the more, like, chance you have for diabetes and the more testosterone you have and the more irregular your hormone balances are. And it was more of, um, let me get rid of the fat so that it; so that this problem goes away and fixes itself over time. And so that that everything becomes regular, like my periods and everything.And that I can then; it was also: Let me, like, fix my breasts that had never developed and I had to fix everything, like my nipples, for example. So, I had to get them, like, reshaped.

He took fat from my stomach and my legs. My last reconstruction was about five months ago. I'm going back in, like, a month or two to get more taken out, to see if I can finally permanently get off all my medication. So, I feel so loved here. He's awesome. He's very silly and supportive and; I don't know. I love him.

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