“I'm excited to heal and to be able to wear anything with confidence”

Breast Deformity Testimonial:

From: Key Biscayne, Florida
Patient Type: Breast Deformity Correction

Initially, I went to see Dr. Khouri because I had asymmetrical breasts: one was small and perky while the other was big and droopy. I wanted to fix the problem without implants. I was 21 years old and had always been bothered by my asymmetrical breasts. I made light of it, jokingly referring to my B-cup-Ccup chest. The difference was hard to tell with the help of good bras and looser-fitting tops, but in a swimsuit the difference was totally apparent. Although I came off aloof about it, I was self-conscious about my body, and I just wanted to feel more confident in myself. As I got older, it seemed to bother me more and more, and I knew I had to do something.

I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which causes a hormone imbalance and makes losing weight really difficult. PCOS may have contributed to the asymmetry issue too. It's as if my out-of-whack hormones didn't let my breasts develop normally.

I knew about Dr. Khouri since I grew up on Key Biscayne. I knew his kids, and his wife was my dermatologist, but I didn't know exactly what he did or that he had invented this magical procedure. I honesty typed "best breast plastic surgeon in Miami" on Google and www.MiamiBreastCenter.com was the second one that came up. I clicked on the link and began reading about breast augmentation and breast deformities and how I could be fixed. When I realized that there was a solution that would fix my breasts without putting any foreign objects in my body while getting a little liposuction on the side, I was really excited. I felt so lucky that I was so close to the office since I know so many women have to travel from different states to be in his care.

When I went for my initial consultation with Dr. Khouri, I also learned that in addition to having asymmetrical breasts, I also had tuberous breasts. Not only were they different sizes, but they were also misshapen. Oh great! Dr. Khouri examined me and said I needed to wear BRAVA on my small breast, and he would also lift my larger breast. I was super happy and really hopeful that in a few months my breasts would finally be the same size. I wore the BRAVA for about five weeks, and then I had my surgery, liposuction, fat transfer, and lift.

Wearing BRAVA itself was a bit uncomfortable and cumbersome but totally worth it. My breast grew so much in five weeks it was incredible. After the surgery, recovery was actually easier than I thought it would be. I didn't have much abdominal strength for a couple of days and my lifted breast hurt a bit, but there was absolutely no pain in my injected breast.

Now, two weeks since my surgery, I feel so much better about myself; I feel great although I'm still recovering. I have to wear a compression garment 24/7 and my stomach is still swollen. My lifted breast is still bandaged and lifted by tape so the weight doesn't hurt. It is being held up by nylon sutures that attach to a screw in my clavicle. Hopefully, I will heal well and I'll be pain free in a couple of weeks. I still have to wear BRAVA for 8–10 hours a night for another five weeks, and hopefully I won't have to have another surgery. Since I'm still bandaged up and swollen, I can't really tell the full results yet, but I'm excited to heal and to be able to wear anything with confidence.

5 / 5 stars

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