“My life has gotten nothing but better since the surgery. Not because I have breasts. Because I have confidence”

Natural Breast Augmentation Testimonial:

From: Bradenton, Florida
Patient Type: Natural Breast Augmentation

Growing up, I never thought much about boobs. I remember my grandmother had very large ones. When I was very young, we would play a game—it was a race of who could get dressed first. I remember looking at Grandma and thinking, "Bananas!" It was as if they were so large they curved around like a banana. My mother was never very big, so I took that as a good sign. You know the saying, "It skips a generation." I assumed it would be my turn. I would have more than enough in due time, and so I never worried about it.

Well, I learned that not everything skips a generation. I never got past an A cup. Okay, to be honest, A on one side and AA on the other. But still, it wasn't that big a deal to me. When my first marriage broke up because of a woman who was, shall we say, very well endowed, I suppose it crossed my mind a time or two. But who has time to worry about something you can't change? Bigger breasts would have been nice, but I wasn't interested in implants. Implants come with too many complications. Too many surgeries. And they come with a look that is not natural. I like natural.

Fast forward to four beautiful children. And the pregnancies and breastfeeding that comes along with it all. A nice accomplishment to lose the baby fat, but I was left with nothing but small deflated balloons. Completely empty balloons. I certainly did not feel good about my body. I did not want to take my shirt off. Ever. Wearing a bathing suit? In Miami? Are you kidding me? Didn't happen.

You know how fate intervenes sometimes? And how something happens that really shouldn't have but changes your life? A friend was staying in another friend's house and happened to get a postcard addressed to someone who no longer lived there. It talked about a new option for women. Since that friend and I had just had the discussion about breasts AB (after breastfeeding), she called to tell me about it. I remember being very reluctant to drive anywhere outside of my immediate area—my comfort zone— but I managed to find the seminar Dr Khouri was giving on his new invention. It changed my life.

I'm sure that probably sounds silly to those that have always had larger breasts. It probably would have to me as well before I had my children. But I am a woman. Part of being a woman is having breasts. Especially in Miami! I have now joined the ranks, and it feels good. It feels really good! Along with my breasts, I got a newfound confidence. I love my breasts. They are mine. All mine. How amazing is it that Dr Khouri can take fat from where you don't want it and put it where you do. I can no longer see scars, even when I'm looking for them.

Dr Khouri was able to help even out obvious asymmetry by injecting more fat into the smaller breast. He was able to lift a bit by injecting fat under the breast. I went from nothing to beautiful C cups. I love buying bras now. Beautiful bras. Any kind I want. I can barely remember back to when I had to special order the padded bras with the very small cups. Now I can walk into any store and buy the prettiest bras in the place. And I feel great doing it! One of my best friends had implant surgery. I can honestly say just from assisting her afterward, I don't think my surgery was anywhere near as intense. It was quite easy in retrospect. And no worries about implants rupturing, encapsulating, or hardening.

I am so grateful to Dr Khouri. My life has gotten nothing but better since the surgery. Not because I have breasts. Because I have confidence. And I look damn good in a sweater!

5 / 5 stars

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