“I love my flatter tummy and I feel more confident. I highly recommend this natural procedure and Dr. Khouri as a surgeon”

Natural Breast Augmentation Testimonial:

From: Miami, Florida
Patient Type: Natural Breast Augmentation

I'm 33 years old and married with a toddler. My breasts have always been small—an A cup. While I was breastfeeding, I experienced larger, fuller breasts for the first time. When my breasts returned to their normal size with an extra sag after breastfeeding for a full year, the idea of cosmetic surgery crossed my mind, but I never seriously considered implants.

I never had a surgery in my life, and the idea of implants did not appeal to me because of all the risks and issues associated with them. Plus the thought of having something foreign in my body did not bring me comfort. Just thinking that one day in 10-plus years I would have to replace or remove them was not something I wanted to worry about. Ever.

Learning about Dr. Khouri's amazing natural procedure made me reconsider cosmetic surgery. His outpatient procedure suited my desire for larger, natural breasts with a minimally invasive technique that promised a fast recovery. It was important for me to get back to attending my toddler as soon as possible. The other thing that appealed to me was the liposuction benefits of coming out of this with a two-for-one deal: larger breasts and a flatter stomach.

When I met Dr. Khouri, his passion and vast knowledge about fat transfer convinced me. Not only that, he also personally invented specific tools and devices to ensure the success of this procedure. It made the decision easy for me.

I used the BRAVA bra for one month prior to my surgery. It was uncomfortable for the first few days but tolerable. I had carried a baby for nine months. I could handle this. Your Natural Breasts 60 Within a few days I grew accustomed to the domes. Surgery went well, the medical team was very attentive, and my recovery was quick. There was less pain than I had expected.

Most of the pain came from the liposuction, not the breasts themselves. I required minimal help from my family. By the end of the first week, I picked up my housework again: vacuuming and doing some minor cleaning.

Wearing the BRAVA after surgery was not painful either. I decided to wear the domes for almost three months (every other day after two months) to ensure the best results and highest fat survival. I was just anxious to see the final results after the swelling subsided and the bruising faded.

Now, six months after my surgery, I am convinced I made the right decision. I'm very happy with the size and shape of my breasts—I have a C cup! Because I am tall—5'7"— my new breasts make me look more proportioned. I love my flatter tummy and I feel more confident. I highly recommend this natural procedure and Dr. Khouri as a surgeon.

5 / 5 stars

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