“I wish more women would find out about Dr. Khouri. He does amazing work and is a genius in this field”

Natural Breast Augmentation Testimonial:

From: Houston, Texas
Patient Type: Natural Breast Augmentation

I have always had small breasts—A cup. When I was in my late 20s, I got breast implants and hated them from day one. They looked unnatural and felt uncomfortable; I was concerned about potential health problems later on. Trust me, breast implants are very obvious. I can spot them a mile away. They don't move or feel like real breasts at all. After four years, I had enough, and in 1999 I had the implants removed. I wore super-padded bras from then on but did not feel comfortable in a bathing suit or undressing in front of people. I disliked the look and feel of implants so much that I just resigned myself to having small breasts for 13 years. I stumbled across Dr. Khouri's website one day and thought it must be too good to be true. I saw pictures of women with larger breasts that looked natural without implants.

I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Khouri and instantly felt comfortable. He and his staff were so helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process. I had my first procedure in April 2012. BRAVA can be a challenge, especially at first, but I was (and still am) committed to using it exactly as I was told. He said the best results come from women who wear BRAVA for the recommended time before and after surgery. I wore it for the full time (and extra hours on the weekend) before surgery. Dr. Khouri explained that for best results, I should wear it 12 weeks post -op. That's exactly what I did. I still have some swelling and bruising on my thighs and stomach from the liposuction, but that's to be expected and I still think it looks great.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results! My breasts are beautiful, full, and feel and move just like real breasts should. One added bonus that's just icing on the cake is the liposuction that is needed to harvest the fat. My thighs, stomach, and back are trim. I wear smaller pants and am able to wear clothes I have never been able to wear before. I'm telling you, my body looks better now in my 40s than it did when I was in my 20s. And I've had two children who were breastfed. The picture is me at six weeks post-op. I still can't believe that it's my body. I can tell you that I wouldn't have been able to remotely fill a triangle-top bikini before my surgery. I wish more women would find out about Dr. Khouri. He does amazing work and is a genius in this field.

5 / 5 stars

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