Life Changers: Break Through In Breast Reconstruction Technique

Featured: Extra | Reporter: Shaunie O'Neal

Video Transcription

Shaunie O'Neal: Hey, Mario. I'm at the Miami Breast Center. And tonight's Life Changer is helping women with cancer reclaim their natural breasts.

Narrator: What breast cancer steals from its survivors, this breakthrough alternative in breast reconstruction is giving them back.

Dr. Roger Khouri: The best breast reconstruction option possible.

Narrator: It's called BRAVA, a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure to help cancer survivors grow new breasts without implants using fat lipo from problem areas.

Dr. Roger Khouri: We use no scalpel. There's no new scar. No incision. No implants. Small, outpatient surgery. We suck out the fat, and we inject it in the space that the BRAVA has created.

Narrator: Here's how it works: Patients wear the BRAVA device for 10 hours a day for several months post-surgery. It stretches the breast tissue to make room for what will ultimately become a natural breast.

Shaunie O'Neal: So, doctor, could you explain to me what exactly I'm looking at here?

Dr. Roger Khouri: This is the key to being able to create a breast without surgery; with fat grafting. It is obviously a twofer. You get the benefit of liposuction and you get your breasts back again.

Narrator: The best part? The device increases blood flow, preserving the nerves so no feeling is lost, as in traditional post-mastectomy reconstruction.

Dr. Roger Khouri: The advantage here is you regrow back a breast that, A, it sensates, B, feels like your own has grown back inside you.

Shaunie O'Neal: Dr. Khouri is now teaching surgeons his procedure all over the globe. To find out if you're at risk for breast cancer, or to speak to an expert, log on to, click LifeChangers, and follow the pink ribbon.

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