Breast Augmentation Through Fat Grafting More Effective

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Sawf News dedicates article about Roger K. Khouri’s, MD, FACS new method of breast augmentation and weighs it’s advantages and disadvantages over traditional fat grafting surgery. Dr. Roger’s method of planting droplets of fat into the breasts rather than “stuffing” it in addition to his innovated suction device results in better looking breast.

Fat grafting for breast augmentation is now claimed to be more effective through the use of a vacuum pressure device to expand the breasts over several weeks.Fat grafting for breast augmentation, as an alternative to the use of implants, is now claimed to be more effective using a technique developed by a Miami based plastic surgeon. The technique, called the BRAVA system, was pioneered by Dr. Roger Khouri of the Miami Breast Center in Miami, Fla. It involves the use of a vacuum pressure device to expand the breasts over several weeks. The expansion prompts the woman’s body to enlarge the breast tissue – creating more space into which he then transfers large amounts of her own fat for the breast augmentation procedure.

The BRAVA system also involves seeding fat in about a dozen points in each breast, rather than a single point.

“We’re not trying to stuff or force a lot of stuff into a tight space; it’s like putting seeds in a field,” says Dr. Khouri. “You can stuff a lot into a small pot, and they’re not going to grow. But if you take the seeds in that pot and stretch it into a large field, you’re going to get growth.”

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