Restoring what was lost: An Alternative To Breast Implants

Publisher: Premier | Credit to: Daedrian McNaughton

PremierGuideMiami is website featuring the latest events, trends and news in Miami. Roger Khouri, MD was interviewed regarding his alternative procedure to breast implants. The article focuses on how fat grafting with the use of BRAVA allows women to regain her breast after a mastectomy. Here is an excerpt of the article.

“A new and innovative technique has been used to restore a woman’s breast after being lost to cancer.
Fat Grafting is a technique used by plastic surgeons to transfer fat from various areas of the body, mainly the buttocks and abdomen, to form a silhouette of the breast. However, Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS Roger Khouri, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, has perfected the technique, and is impacting the lives of women all over the world, especially breast cancer patients who have lost their breasts.”

“He is offering an alternative to breast implants with the BRAVA Device and Fat Grafting. With Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS Khouri’s micro-fat grafting procedure, the patient wears the BRAVA device, similar to a brassiere, that suctions the breast defect area and stretches the tissues. This creates an adequate matrix in which he later injects the fat. The fat is removed from the patient’s body by gentle liposuction and immediately injected into the prepared site. After undergoing a few procedures, the breasts are reconstructed.”

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