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How long should I plan to stay?

I am from out of town, when do I need to arrive in Miami for the surgery and how long should I plan to stay in Miami?


The Miami Breast Center is a recognized major referral center for breast reconstruction. Most of our patients do not live in Miami and come to us from all over the World. Many come from Europe and some from as far as `China, Russia, Israel and the Arabic Peninsula. Therefore, like most of our patients, if you do not have a place to stay in Miami, we will help you make arrangements with facilities nearby who cater to our patients. Typically, we prefer that you come to Miami the day before your surgery and to meet again with our doctors on the eve of surgery. During this pre-operative visit Dr. Khouri or one of the other doctors at The Miami Breast Center, will spend a lot of time with you planning the operation in detail. He will go over the operative plan and answer any questions you might still have. He will decide with you where the fat will be taken from and, using a magic marker, he will make a blueprint and design the operation on your body. The next day you will come to our fully accredited surgery center where we have safely performed over 2500 fat grafting procedures. You will spend the day at the center and leave when fully recovered from anesthesia. We recommend you come with someone who can take care of you during the first post-operative days. We also can help you get a nurse who is very familiar with our surgery and who can stay with you in the first 24-48 hours after surgery. If, for example, your surgery is scheduled on a Thursday, you will need to come to Miami on Wednesday afternoon, have the surgery the next day, recuperate in the hotel over the weekend and return for your post operative visit on Monday morning. On that day we will spend some time together teaching you the post operative care of the breast. We might give you a breast brace to apply or teach you to use the external vacuum expander (EVE) so that you maintain as much as possible the volume gained by the grafting procedure. You should plan to leave Miami either Monday late in the afternoon or preferably on Tuesday. Short answer, you should plan to stay in Miami 5-6 days.

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