Miami Breast Center

Breast Reconstruction (Reconstruccion de Senos)

El Nuevo Herald the largest spanish newspaper in South Florida reported on Miami Breast Center’s advancement on breast reconstruction and its annual symposium. Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS Khouri’s technique which is breast reconstruction via fat transfer and the BRAVA external device is further discussed in the article. The symposium will offer a live surgery for surgeons from all over the world.

“The symposium will be conducted by Roger Khouri a plastic surgeon, a pioneer in transplant or transfer of fat from the patient and reconstructive microsurgery, and creator of this procedure to women who have undergone mastectomies. A group of 200 plastic surgeons from 19 countries, including Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Japan, will attend the meeting.

“The benefit may be twofold: the patient is released from fat in problem areas – such as stomach, hips or thighs – and this is injected into the breast area, eliminating the need for saline implants”
he observes. Khouri explained that in preparing the space and create new tissue with the use of BRAVA for a few weeks, the implant of fat in the patient survives more easily.
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