Liposuction Body Sculpting

Liposuction Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting


Miami Breast Center breakthrough procedure creates wondrous results for cosmetic and breast reconstruction patients, plus it has the incredible extra benefit of body sculpting through liposuction. This is your opportunity to remove unwanted fat from problem areas in your body. Miami Breast Center patients are thrilled, not only with their breasts, but with their newly contoured bodies. At the Miami Breast Center is known  as “Two-Fer” or “two-for-one”.


The Liposuction Process


In order to perform the micro-fat grafts to reconstruct or augment a breast, the doctors at Miami Breast Center will perform gentle liposuction from wherever there is fat to spare. This is sometimes called lipoplasty, contouring liposuction, or just lipo.


Before the Surgery


During your initial consultation, the doctors at Miami Breast Center  will examine you and together you will determine which areas to harvest your fat from.  They can help you determine through a series of individualized questions which are the best areas but ultimately the decision is yours. The most common areas are the abdomen, back and thighs. The doctors and their medical assistants will answer all of your questions about the liposuction process.


The Day of Surgery


During your out-patient breast procedure, you are placed under anesthesia. You will first have fat removed with a cannula, a slim, hollow, steel tube. It is inserted under the skin and is attached to a vacuum that pulls fat through the cannula into a collection container. Through a series of repeated movements using suction the fat is extracted. This is how the liposuction is performed. There are approximate 4-6 entry points per liposuction area. This is necessary in order to extract your fat evenly. The size of the nick or cut created by entry point of the cannula is about the thickness of a grain of rice. No stitches are needed.


The liposuction Instrument


At the Miami Breast Center the doctors  use one of the smallest cannula’s in the industry to perform your liposuction. Dr. Khouri  developed the instrument himself. It is NOT a laser-assisted liposuction tool that burns fat.  They perform a standard liposuction with a very fine cannula that gently extracts fat through suction. It is so small that no stitches are needed to close the entry points of the cannula.


Our Liposuction Technique


Fat is extracted evenly by using a criss-cross technique during liposuction, and removing fat in layers very careful not to remove too much from one specific area. By doing this the doctors are able to avoid the common liposuction complaints like uneven liposuction, sagging skin, and excessive liposuction of fat leaving visible divots and dents. Doctors at Miami Breast Center have many years of experience performing liposuction and are very meticulous about achieving the best results.   Patient’s satisfaction is very important for all the staff and doctors at the Miami Hand Center.