Miami Breast Center In The News

Miami Breast Center In The News

On T.V.

NBC 6 Miami

Breast cancer awareness month special guest. Breast reconstruction with EVE

NBC 6 Miami

Interview regarding breast reconstruction with fat transfer.

CBS 4 Miami

Interview regarding breast reconstruction with fat transfer.

CNN Spanish & Yahoo

(Spanish Language) Dr. Khouri explains on CNN Spanish EVE role in reconstruction.

Telemundo 51 Miami

Interview regarding breast reconstruction with fat transfer.

EXTRA’S Life Changer

Watch Extras “Life Changers”. Dr. Khouri explains growing new breasts.

EVE on The Doctors

The Doctors highlight the benefits of wearing Eve.

Procedure Makes Bigger Breasts W/O Implants

Women who want bigger breasts without implants or scars now have another option.

WSVN 7 Miami

Interview regarding breast reconstruction with fat transfer.

In The Press

Featured as “Doctor on The Cutting Edge”

“Khouri performs innovative breast-reconstruction surgery using tissue expansion and fat a·ansfer (not implants)..”

Pioneer in Fat Grafting to The Breast

“A pioneer in fat grafting, Dr. Roger K. Khouri uses a patient’s own resources to mold a better body.”

Big Success

Megavolume lipografting, enabled by pregrafting external tissue expansion that creates an enlarged, vascularized space.

Natural Breast Enhancement Technique

“The result, he says, leaves the patient with the sensations of a natural breast, unlike patients with implants, which do not contain nerve endings.”

Your Own Fat Relocated

At American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS presented a long-term study showing liposuctioned fat was now a “viable alternative to breast implants.

On line

Fat Grafting For Breast Reconstruction

Dr Khouri and his colleagues were invited to comment on the prestigious Journal of American Medical Association on fat grafting as a third option for breast reconstruction.”

Fat Transfer to the Breast

You get rid of the fat where you don’t want it, and you move it where you want it to be,” said Khouri. The augmentation looks completely natural.

Liposuction for Breast Augmentation

A key component of the operation, according to Khouri, was the use of a bra-like device he invented called the EVE.

Alternative to Breast Implants

A new and innovative technique has been used to restore a woman’s breast after being lost to cancer. Roger K. Khouri, MD, FACS, has perfected the technique.

Breast Reconstruction

The patient is released from fat in problem areas and this is injected into the breast area, eliminating the need for saline implants ”he observes.

Fat Grafting Made More Effective

“Fat grafting for breast augmentation, as an alternative to the use of implants, is now claimed to be more effective using a technique developed by a Miami based plastic surgeon.”

Body Fat can Build Patients’ Breasts

Miami Herald online producer Andrea Torres chronicles her experience as a breast cancer patient.

South Florida Surgeon Breast Enhancement

A South Florida plastic surgeon has developed a device to give women larger breasts by enhancing the results of fat.

Breast Augmentation With No Implants

“Ideally this is a great solution,” McGuire said. “I have too much fat here, and my breasts are too small can you take this out and put it there?”