Miami Breast Center

How long do I need to wear BRAVA?

The day you come to see Dr. Khouri you can have your MRI done. You will then need to order the BRAVA system. The BRAVA system is worn for 3-5 weeks before the procedure. During that time you will use the BRAVA for about 10-12 hours a day or while you sleep. You will also need to send Dr. Khouri photos every week of your breasts to see how you’re doing in terms of expansion. On the final week or wear you will be required to wear the BRAVA non-stop (only taking it off to shower). We ask our patients to come into Miami 48 hours before the procedure will take place. Dr. Khouri will see you within 24 hours where he will prepare you for the procedure. On the day of the procedure you will need to go to the surgical facility wearing the BRAVA system and you must not take it off until Dr. Khouri takes it off of you on the surgical table. You will need to come with someone to help you after surgery or hire a private duty nurse. You will also have a post op visit with Dr. Khouri after your surgery.
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