Miami Breast Center

Breast lift on tubular deformity?

Yes, we have the very best procedure for the treatment of tubular breast deformities. We improve the contour, enlarge and lift the breast without any incision or scar through fat grafting after you have used the BRAVA device for a month or so. Dr. Khouri has the largest experience in the U.S. with fat grafting the breast and has presented large clinical experiences at many national & international plastic surgery meetings.

Our results are permanent. What you end up within your breasts is your own fat. It is live tissue that will fluctuate with your body weight. Like any woman with natural breasts, they will enlarge as you gain weight and decrease as you lose it. However, since after the liposuction, a lot of your body fat will reside in your breasts (having removed it from its normal sites), gaining weight will preferentially enlarge your breast which will be the only remaining depot for the fat.

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