Breast Augmentation Patients FAQ

I've had implants for about 10 years. I would like to have them taken out and possibly have fat transferred in. Would I still need to use the BRAVA system? I've read that fat is transferred a little at a time. Can that be done in one operation, or does it require several operations a little at a time?

Yes, we can help you replace your old implants with your own fat tissue. At the time of implant removal we can graft some liposuctioned fat in the stretched out breast tissue. This will give you some augmentation, but not quite as large as what you had with the implant (about 50%). That is, assuming we remove 400 ml implants, we can give you back about 200 ml of natural augmentation in one small out patient procedure. This step will not require BRAVA. Should you still want to be larger, you will need to wear BRAVA 3-4 weeks post-op and then get a second fat grafting procedure that could, if you desire, make you even larger than your implanted size.

I had breast implants put in several years ago and I'm not happy with the results. They look great but are hard. I have silicone implants. I scar easily, and have loose skin and stretch marks on my lower body (where I would want the fat removed). My implants are 360cc. Am I candidate for your fat grafting procedure? I bleed/bruise extremely easily...even with acupuncture...after the implants my breast were black and swollen for weeks and fluid was draining to my hips. If so...what are the side effects? Do you use general or local anesthesia? What is the recovery time? Cost?

Yes, we can help you replace your contracted scarred implants with your own fat harvested from your abdomen. Would recommend you send us photos of your torso and abdomen so we can better evaluate you and/or wherever you have extra fat to determine what can be done. Take a frontal view from chin to pubis and two obliques and two lateral views. The fat grafting procedure if well done has no significant side effects. That you bleed easily should not be a problem since we will not be doing any cutting except what is needed to remove the implants. We do the operation under general anesthesia, with a board certified anesthesiologist who will be present during your surgery. This is considered minor surgery with rapid recuperation. For more information on cost please visit the insurance.

I got saline breast implants because I was very small-chested before. I want to get rid of my implants but suspect my skin has stretched greatly since the surgery. Do I sound like a candidate for your procedure?

Yes, you are a good candidate for our procedure. Your story is not unusual. Breast implants often feel and look fake, especially for women who had smaller chests. We can replace your implants with your own fat and make use of the tissue stretch caused by the implants to get a greater amount of fat in.

I'm slender, 5'5" and 118 lbs, a doctor I previously saw told me that I only had enough fat to improve the shape, but the size will be the same, I must admit that the shape is the most important thing for me, but I also would like to grow a cup size (I'm currently 32A, small B) what can I really expect? And is it necessary to gain weight?

We actually prefer you to lose weight. There is only so much fat graft volume we can put in a small breast. Since volume, not the number of cells is the limit, we prefer to put more skinny fat cells that will get plum and further enlarge your breasts once you gain your weight back than put a smaller number of plum cells that will shrink and reduce your breast size once you lose the extra weight. And of course, we will treat the constriction at the same time. Because you are relatively skinny, it will take us a little more time to harvest the fat, but we should be able to give you a B cup. Please see our full explantion on how we harvest fat from thin patients.

To correct the tuberous there any incisions to lower the mammary fold or to loosen up the constricted tissue? I'm concerned that the fat injected along with the use of BRAVA won't be enough for the breast to look more naturally shaped (like a drop).

Our procedure is a major breakthrough in the treatment of tuberous breasts. We make no incisions at all. We release the constriction with special needles, through a few needle holes that leave no scars. This is the best way to give you nice, round, natural shaped breasts without any scars and disruption of the breast architecture and of its breast feeding function.

What kind of liposuction is used to harvest the fat and does this technique benefit the recipient from stem cell growth?

We use a manual gentle liposuction with very fine needle-like cannuals. Yes, we do harvest a lot of stem cells in the process and we make sure they are preserved in the transfer. However, we do not add anything artificial nor do we biologically manipulate the harvested fat.

I already own the BRAVA device and I used it for 10 weeks, (I grew an inch, however the shape has not improved). I understand that I need to use it at a higher intensity for 4 weeks, is there an accessory to buy or how do I increase the tension?

The fact you are already familiar with BRAVA and you proved that you can use it effectively is a big plus. However, if you want to have fat grafting you need to come for a consultation in Miami at least 2 weeks after having discontinued BRAVA use. This can be a day trip during which we will arrange for you to have an MRI of the breast. This is important so we can evaluate your baseline without BRAVA effect. During this consultation we will evaluate your problem, explain the recommended procedure and answer all your questions. We will also teach you how to increase the tension to get the desired pre-operative expansion effect.

My right breast is minimally tubular shaped and left side is tear dropped and I would like to be one cup size larger. I am a normal B and would like to be a fuller C. Can BRAVA correct my tubular shape and give me augmentation?

BRAVA alone could give you slightly larger breasts but will not give you much of a lift and might accentuate the tubular deformity. It is the combination of BRAVA and fat grafts harvested by liposuction that would help you best correct the tubular deformity and give you some lift.

Is Dr. Khouri able to do breast lifts for tubular deformity while fat grafting? Are the results permanent from the surgery? If weight is lost then will there be loss in the breast as well? Recovery time after surgery?

Yes, we have the very best procedure for the treatment of tubular breast deformities. We improve the contour, enlarge and lift the breast without any incision or scar through fat grafting after you have used the BRAVA device for a month or so. Dr. Khouri has the largest experience in the U.S. with fat grafting the breast and has presented large clinical experiences at many national & international plastic surgery meetings. Our results are permanent. What you end up with in your breasts is your own fat. It is live tissue that will fluctuate with your body weight. Like any woman with natural breasts, they will enlarge as you gain weight and decrease as you lose it. However, since after the liposuction, a lot of your body fat will reside in your breasts (having removed it from its normal sites), gaining weight will preferentially enlarge your breast which will be the only remaining depot for the fat.

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