After Lumpectomy

After Lumpectomy

-Reconstructive surgery-

After a lumpectomy, the last thing you want is yet another major surgery. With our procedure you will not be cut open again.


If you’ve had a lumpectomy, a wedge resection or a quadrantectomy, we can reconstruct your breast with no incisions and no scars. We understand that you’ve been through an emotional roller coaster, so we are here to do what we can to bring balance, harmony and comfort into your life. In most cases, lumpectomy patients will need to receive radiation as prescribed by her oncologist. Using traditional methods, a radiated breast is difficult to reconstruct.


However, our method of fat grafting, together with the use of our external expander EVE, has proven to be uniquely successful. The results are as close to perfect as possible. We make our reconstruction decisions based on the individual patient needs, but it is our goal to help you reclaim what you lost to cancer….your natural looking and feeling breast.


Our Lumpectomy Reconstruction (Regeneration) Procedure:

1st Stage: BRAVA Expansion & Fat Grafting


Left: Radiated scarred lumpectomy defect.
Center: BRAVA expansion loosens up the scar, expands the tissues, and increases the capillary blood circulation.
Right: Fat grafting the loosened scaffold partially corrects the deformity.

2nd Stage of BRAVA + AFT Treatment


Left: Partially corrected defect.
Center: Continued BRAVA expansion generates the additional skin required for a normal breast contour and the additional recipient scaffold and space required for more fat grafts.
Right: Fat grafting the loose space regenerates a healthy, natural, fatty breast mound.


The Benefits of Our Lumpectomy Reconstruction Procedure

  • All natural reconstruction
  • No foreign object in body
  • Quick recovery
  • Liposuction
  • Sensation in breast area
  • No cuts, no incisions
  • Covered by insurance
  • Minimally invasive

Lumpectomy Reconstruction with Fat Transfer Case

Fifty-year-old woman who had bilateral mastectomies with bilateral immediate reconstruction with DIEP flaps. Her left flap failed, and she was left with a large open wound in the chest that was eventually covered with a flap from her back (latissimus dorsi). She presented with persistent inflammation over the left chest that was covered with a patch-like flap. The DIEP flap in the right breast survived but lacked the definition needed to look like a breast.


After 3 BRAVA + AFT procedures we gave her a D cup, sensate, and soft left breast. We also performed a RAFT to improve the contour and the natural folds of both breasts.




The procedure is done as outpatient under general anesthesia and with the presence of a board-certified expert anesthesiologist to make sure the patient is safe and comfortable. As we leave it up to the expert anesthesiologist to monitor the level of sedation, most of the time the anesthesiologist will determine it is safest for the patient to have a tube in the airway to control the breathing. We make sure the patient is totally safe and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.


Recovery Time


Average full recoverytime is 3 months, while most patients return to desk work in just 1 to 2 weeks. Most of the morbidity is the discomfort from the liposuction.